Dr Sylvia Chen


Dr Sylvia Chen


Dr Sylvia Chen is an Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Cardiologist and works as a congenital clinician and CMR specialist.


Sylvia is currently the Congenital Lead for ANZ CMR and Editor-In-Chief for SCMR’s COW (USA). She is the CMR Research Cardiologist at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne, heads the CMR service at FMIG, Melbourne and is the sole provider in Melbourne for CMR stress perfusion.


Sylvia is an ACHD Cardiologist at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane and an ACHD and CMR head for Northern Tasmania ACHD Service.


Sylvia was trained in ACHD at University College Hospital and The Royal Brompton Hospitals, London.  She trained (with a special emphasis on congenital CMR) at the CMR unit at the Royal Brompton Hospital, has previously published in research congenital heart disease and CMR including a book chapter in a congenital CMR book.